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    Eve Murphy

    With a glance at the sky, Giselle stood up. "Listen, I don't start conversations, and I don't like conversations that waste my time, like this one is doing," Giselle said coldly. Eve glared at her and crossed her arms. She could have easily yelled at her or even gotten violent, but that wasn't even close to how she normally dealt with things so she merely took it in stride.

    "So, unless I think you're someone worthy to talk to I'm not gonna talk to you. So come back and talk to me when you prove you're worth my time." She turned and walked away without looking back. Eve glared after the blond girl as she walked away, but she couldn't hold that face for long. It just wasn't her to be angry.

    Her mouth curled into a grin. "Who does she think she is? Pike Queen Lucy?" Eve muttered to Achilles. The Sneasel stared fiercely at Giselle, though he wasn't surprised at her reaction to Eve's strange idea of good conversation. Even he could read Giselle just by looking at her face.

    Yes, Eve loved talking to people and making friends, but that didn't mean she demanded everyone to like her. This girl obviously didn't, and Eve didn't care. She had told Eve to go after her when she could prove she was worthy, but Eve and Achilles both knew that that would never happen. If someone had a problem with Eve, she would let them walk away. The last thing she would do was get down on her knees and cry for every stranger to give her their approval. No.

    "The S.S. Anne will now depart, please stay safe and be careful on board. We will be arriving at Fuchsia City at noon tomorrow, I hope you all have a pleasant evening," a male, somber voice said over the intercom. He didn't seem very thrilled to start the journey.

    "All battlebots are now online! Enjoy the ride folks!" the female from before added, her voice especially flamboyant as if she were trying to sound happy enough for both herself and the man. Eve scratched her nose and stood up, Achilles still clinging to her head.

    "Well Achilles, I guess we should check out our cabin." She took the bag she received when she first boarded the ship out of her backpack and opened it up. Inside, there was a key with the number "105" engraved on its bow and a few other items that Eve didn't pay any particular attention to. She took out the key and held it in her hand as she walked to the cabins, searching for room 105. Achilles observed three older trainers walking by, each accompanied by Pikachu with different colored scarves. Red. Blue. Yellow.

    As they got further and further into the hall of the cabins, they noticed that there weren't as many trainers down here. Either this hall actually had some vacant rooms or everybody else had already checked their room out and left again. As Eve turned the corner, she heard a boy saying "PA-THETIC," as he pulled his hood down. Eve couldn't help but smile at him as he seemed to be talking to himself. There wasn't anybody else here except for another boy with books who was walking out on the opposite side of the hallway. Admittedly, Eve found that people who spoke to themselves were charming and amusing.

    She saw that the door she was passing by was 106, so 105 couldn't be too far down. She walked down to 105, pushed the key into the keyhole and turned it, opening the door. "Hello?" she called, promptly receiving a glare from Achilles. "Sorry, force of habit." Eve tossed her bags onto the bed and lied down next to them as Achilles quickly hopped off her head. She looked as if she were ready to make snow angels or something of the sort.

    "I'm going to rest for two minutes if you don't mind," she told him, shutting her eyes. Achilles looked at the door, noticing that Eve had forgotten to close it. He poked the side of her head to try and notify her of it. "Leave me alone, I said two minutes." Achilles frowned at her and then looked at the door again. Oh well, who really cares if the door is open anyway? Not Achilles. "Just kidding I meant five minutes," Eve said.
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