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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Yesterday I finally finished the game.
I must say the hero's episode was by far the best!
All those post-game episodes were pretty easy...
The hardest part of post-game was to evolve all warlords and famous warriors to rank 2 (and in player's case rank 3 even though that was pretty easy =))
But from what I experienced, Serebii does not have exact or complete information everytime. =/
I also filled the Pokémon Gallery (you actually don't need Reshiram to get a Rayquaza) so I don't have anything left to do there :/
Completely 130 hours of in-game time =D
So if you have any question, feel free to ask =)

Spoiler about the final episode, read at your own risk.
Even though Serebii says you need to complete the episode to evolve to rank 3, it's not actually that. You simply need to reach 80% link with any Eeveelution (in my case it was a Leafeon because that was the last Pokémon I was missing in Gallery) and after that, you evolve. And after you do that, Arceus will appear in Aurora for you to link with it.
And you actually start together with Nobunaga and Oichi (I found best partner for her, it's by far Dragonite with the ability that raises defense =D Even though it has only 90%, it's better than Jiggly/Wiggly by far)! So awesome!
O.M.G... We start with Nobunaga? o3o

C'mon, just 6 more episodes to complete before I can play that episode... TwT

It's actually a very interesting part of the game. When you look at the main storyline, the battles that you're going to face are basically those same ones. In the episodes, your opponents are completely random. Who knows what Pokemon does the enemy managed to find. :>

Although it starts to get too easy once you managed to transform some folks. So far I haven't transformed those 4 roamers at the back of the warlord list and my hero =w=

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