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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    1. The option to play a cry is built-in to the command itself. You could edit the commands properties with ASM, but it's much easier to just ignore the cry.

    2. This was probably achieved using ASM as well. It's not very difficult if you know ASM. Simply use the decompression swi to decompress the image and tilemap, write the palette to the WRAM, and you're good to go for fullscreen images. If you don't know what I'm saying, don't try it.

    3. File > Map > Save map as... will save a map, and File > Open Map will open it.

    4. Firered's person backsprites are uncompressed images, which means UNLZ.gba doesn't work, since UNLZ.gba only deals with compressed images. Nameless Sprite Editor will let you import and export uncompressed images into your game.

    1) But I need to use showpokepic to show a person face, like some hacked rom.

    2) Have a tutorial there?

    3) Thanks!

    4) When I using Nameless Sprite Editor just open the sprite I want to insert and go to File > Insert > Image Data and set the free space I where I want to insert, that a method to insert a uncompressed images?

    I got some more question.

    5) This question is about .s file. .s file original manuscript is Unknown Application, I double click the .s file. After that, It appeared 2 choices " Use the Web service to find the correct program " and "
    Select a program from a list of installed programs ". I choosed "
    Select a program from a list of installed programs " and choose Notepad and checked "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".
    Then, I use Sappy 2006 mod 15 to assembly .s file and click " Cook it "( In another Version that's "Assembly that ugly thing", it appeared a error, "XXXX Can't find file "MPlayDef.s" for inclusion Assembly halted". I placed MPlayDef.s file with the .s file I wanted to insert my rom, but also have this problem, so I think is the " "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" problem. I use Windows 7, how can I change the .s file return to Unknown Application? Or a else way to fix this problem.