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    Originally Posted by pkmn.master View Post
    These are useful. I haven't tried to use them yet, but I know that HGSS waterfall autotiles don't exist on the internet. Well done! I don't know too much about autotiles, because I haven't tried to tinker with them yet, but has to be some way that you could combine two of the three into one. Those restrictions RMXP gives on the amount of autotiles makes it hard to use these.
    Thank you.

    I do have one auto tile that includes the entire waterfall. The problem is terrain tags. There are three different terrain tags for waterfalls. If you combine parts of the waterfall, then you could only mark the two parts as one terrain tag. For example, if I put the crest of the waterfall and the middle section together, you could only mark it as a crest, or as a waterfall, not both, so it wouldn't work. I can post the entire waterfall auto if you want, but it is only good for taking screenshots
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