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    Okay, I beat Red, it was pretty easy. Garchomp did most of the work.

    And here is my current team.
    Feraligatr Lv.96-Starter
    Crunch, Slash, Ice Beam, Surf

    Gardevoir Lv.96-Caught on Route 30
    Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind

    Staraptor Lv.95-Caught on Route 29
    Fly, Close Combat, U-Turn, Pluck

    Garchomp Lv.99-Caught in Union Cave(B1F)
    Slash, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Rock Tomb

    Blaziken Lv.95-Given to me by Juggler in Azalea Town
    Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Bulk Up

    Torterra Lv.95-Given to me by Juggler in Goldenrod City
    Synthesis, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Leech Seed

    Only moveset change is Fly on Staraptor.

    I'm done, everyone that's not done, good luck.
    The Eeveelution Challenge

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