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Originally Posted by tanjim13 View Post
Looking forward for the finishing of this hack! I like the story and graphics, although I find the grass to be a bit too bright, but that's my opinion
I uh, don't quite know what to say to this, other than:

Originally Posted by Nickalooose Who Said This In The Very First Post View Post
Please Give Constructive Criticism and/or Praise, Please... This Is NOT A Hack, Its Created VIA RPGMakerXP, All Mapping and Events Are Fully Created And Thought Up By Myself and somewhat copied from the original games/anime.
Please note that you are in the game development forum not the hacking forum... But nevertheless, thanks for the comment :D

Originally Posted by personz5 View Post
omg love that eevee new evo and the egg thing

Well, a new update which would've made me cry if I wern't doing this as a hobby...

Everything I have done has gone since April 24th, now I'm assuming that's when Essentials had it's upgrade... But my laptop I had my game saved on, the HD died (convenient to say the least) and I lost MAJOR progress... At the moment, I'm going to take a break from game development on this game itself and focus on my career and I helping others for the time being.

The thing with what happened is, it actually helps me, during this time I was making my game I was actually learning from a couple people how to script better and what does what etc. etc. And I'm getting better at scripting, so with my last updates, I can now make them quicker and better... By tidying up my game a little... You guys couldn't see, but the scripts and everything was a mess from where I was trying new stuff out and failing then trying again, failing, then finding the answer but didn't erase what I done before... Now I know how to do all this stuff, I can get it done twice as quick (bonus I think).

So the fact my HD died is a good thing... In saying this, I know everything I added and created, so I can implement this easily enough... I looked at this thread and saw what Major updates I had posted and put them in, within the past 2 hours, (which is clearly a lot quicker than the 3 months it took me before).

As for the progress stamps that I have made throughout this thread, nothing will change as I can do it all simple and quick, with less errors, which is great for me and for you.

The only downside is, some graphics I had, are gone, now this I will probably set aside for the release in future, and use them as an upgrade, which by the way, will cause you to lose your save game, BUT, I will make sure to give you a choice wether or not to use newer graphics or not... So don't worry if you want to complete the game first first... I've already thought about most of this.

As you can see, progress has been lost, time side, but progress has been made development side... The game isn't set-back by anything, the HD dying, did a nice hefty clean-up for me, with none the work developer side.

I'm going to help out newer members with their games, when and where I can.

On a plus note, I have a friend who will create a web page for Homeward Bound so progress is going to happen one way or another... On another note, this friend, may take over from me on the production side, but I will still help develope aswell, I got myself a modelling job so a lot of time will be going in to that, a nice 12 hour day I had yesterday... Once I speak to him later on tonight, in about 6-9 hours, I will get him to post on here when he can to let you know what is going on with progress.

Once the exchange happens... Watch Homeward Bound change massively... He's good at what he does.

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