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Greeting fellows reader, I know that many of you bore at the thought of introductions. But, I'm a formal guy and I've to do it anyway. Anyway, I'm a novice writer who has been struggling to improve while trying to be creative at the same time. I hope you enjoy this story, and please note that I'm open for any criticism and suggestions.


Chapter 1
"Wake up" heard next to you as you struggled to open your eyes, it felt like you didn't even know how to open them at all. But when you did, you saw a stunning young lady. She had her hair tied up into a pony tail, wore a green hat and has a soothing voice. "Where am I?" You asked weakly as you struggled to get up, but the girl abruptly set you back down. It seems that the girl humming was what woke you up.

"Stay, I know you have pain so please sit down" The girl ordered you while retained her very gentle voice, there was something familiar about her but you couldn't put your finger on it. "Who're you?" You managed to ask her as she sat down, "I'm Hillary , nice to meet you" She put her right arm in front of you to shake, being a respectful fellow you oblige.

"And who you might be?" She asked, as you struggled to remember anything. "I don't know who I am." You said, even though you do remember something about a person with a blank face.
"Hmm, so you're telling me. You don't remember anything, anything at all?"

She sat there, biting her nails. You could tell she was nervous, but she soon stopped and grabbed you by the hand. "How about we'll take you outside, alright?" She said as she grabbed you firmly and yanked you up, fortunately you didn't feel any pain this time. As you wiped off the dust that was on your clothing, you were once again yanked.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Hillary said as she started running out of the small mine shack like she was running for her life to escape the dull, lifeless cave. As soon as you approached the sun, you felt a burning sensation. Hillary turned around and noticed you screamed in pain, "Are you alright?" She asked as she approached you and moved you towards the sun.

"AUGH!" You scream as you feel thousands of needles are ripping into your skin at once, it seems your body was dearly afraid of the sun.
Backing back into the dark you felt exhausted as you felt you almost burned to death. "I wonder what happened" Hillary said as you slumped onto the cold dark floor.

"Why, am I so weak to sun light?" You asked yourself as you stood there, with burns. Whatever you are, you know you aren't a human being at all. But you could feel a heart, didn't that mean you were a living creature? And you also felt heat as well! It didn't make any sense at all, you knew that you had to find who you are.

After pondering about the matter, you begin to see hallucinations. The first, was a normal bed room. It seemed very familiar, but eerie at the same time. You soon start looking around the small room that seemed to have no doors, but yet you could walk through the bare walls.
You felt head pain as you continued going forward as you see the flashing memory of a child screaming as it's being hurled across the room. This hallucination was very menacing, but you felt chills as a wooden door slowly creaked opened. You felt something wasn't right and decided that the answers lies behind the wooden door, starting to go inside you hear a very loud roar.

"What was that?" You thought to yourself as you struggled to pull yourself up, still trying to comprehend everything that was happening.


This story has visted the grave, and has died.
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