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    Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post
    But I don't think it has anything to do with them being connected to land or not. Kanto got the Sevii Islands, which were not technically a part of Kanto if I remember correctly, like how the Sinjoh Ruins were not part of Johto. The new routes in B2W2 make sense because 2 years have gone by. We'll probably see new areas, but not a "new" Hoenn.
    Connection to land is actually the most important thing in making sequels because new home town of protagonist needs to be on solid land. They made sequel for Unova because it had solid land not used in original B/W. Hoenn is clearly incapable of having new home town for sequels, because we can clearly see on map it has no connection to any unused land.
    Sevii Islands and Sinjoh Ruins have nothing to do with it because they aren't starting locations. They are extra locations. Hoenn will obviously get some new extra locations as well in remakes, most likely islands.