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    Originally Posted by simons545 View Post
    Current team:3rd Gym
    Togekiss(Serene G)

    Advice needed Please eventually going competitive so team building advice would be nice

    Butterfree is pretty terrible but if you want to keep it I suppose
    Dewgong/lapras and a rhydon for a change
    Butterfree isn't terrible. Most people just don't know how to use it effectively.

    I decided to train Aerodactyl, by the way. Went into E4 with team of 44s and swept up the best trainers of Kanto with little effort and tons of luck.
    Before we get started, are you a boy, or a girl?

    Kanto: 8/8 Badges, Not Champion
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    Unova: 8/8 Badges, Champion