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    The Lavender Town native was overjoyed at the prospect of going on the famed S.S Anne. The townspeople gave him a hero's welcome when he came back from the Kanto gym challenge, it was the happiest the town has ever been. Mr.Fuji even gave him the ticket in question, for all that he had done. He had hear plenty from Brock the last time he came around: 5-star cuisine, great view of the ocean, and plenty of beautiful girls. Angel, Orenji's Togekiss, was equally excited, the thought of so much happiness being spread made her jump around (well fly around).

    "I can't believe it, I didn't think I was that important, i just did what any person would do." was the boy in questions shocked statement. "Nonsense my dear boy, take it and enjoy yourself, you can use a vacation after being near the Tower for so long." replied Mr.Fuji. The old man had to admit, Orenji was a fine young man and a great trainer, however he felt the boy never got to see the world sans the short gym challenge. This would be the perfect chance to help him on his way.

    Orenji couldn't help but agree, while he didn't fear the Tower (anymore), he wanted to see the world in all its glory. After personally thanking every person at the party, as well as some happiness courtesy of Angel, he got on his bike and raced to the port that the ship was going to be, Angel flying above him. Daydreams involving battles with strong trainers and meeting beautiful women, and even catching a new member of the team, filled his head. Until he realized how much ass he would have to haul to get there. "Aw crap!!!" screamed the orange clad teen, who quickly threw a rope around Angel, tightend it, wrapped the other end around his bike in the matter of a crude sled, and made for her to speed it up. "Angel, i want us at that port yesterday, if we miss this we are screwed!!" With a "Toge-kisskiss" she flew as fast as she could.