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I wasn't saying a sequel would have to be right after the originals, I just see it unlikely in this case. I was more referring to how it would make sense to have the remakes and then a sequel, so everyone is pretty much on the same footing(assuming some newer fans haven't gotten around to the past games yet).

Anyways, secret bases and the original contests(with some tweaks) better make an appearance...they kind of helped make Hoenn...Hoenn. It did bother me when they were all jumbled at Lilycove, it made more sense to have them spread apart so you can join different ones during your travels.

I wonder how they will manage Mirage Island this time; it was good to have it as some rare occurence, but it would be nice if we had a better chance at getting there.

Btw, does anyone think they will improve on Altering Cave? If 3DS enabled, StreetPass would be perfect for something like that.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?