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    Originally Posted by okjoek View Post
    I've got an awesome idea for champions! How come they make it so that they never use items besides a sitrus berry? I think they need to give all champion pokemon one item even if it's just more berries! Someone who calls themselves a champion wouldn't be so stupid as to not take an oppertunity that could mean the difference between a win and a lose.

    Personaly I wouldn't mind another Gary champion who simply gives a water,fire, grass trio. For example in Unova something cool would be:

    Eelektross- A good startoff kinda like cynthia because it has no weaknesses.
    Light screen
    Thunder wave
    Brick break

    Mienshao- A good sweeper.
    Hi-Jump kick
    Stone edge

    Jellicent- Recover will be sure to cause irritation.
    Surf/hydro pump
    Shadow ball
    Ice beam

    Ferrothorn- Slow and deffencive based.
    Gyro ball
    Power whip

    Volcarona- Buff up then sweep.
    Quiver dance
    Flamethrower/ fireblast
    bug buzz

    Dennis' hacked hydreigon FTW- what's a champion without an awesome end boss?
    Fire blast
    Focus blast
    Dragon pulse
    That's a pretty good team! :D Does the champion have an Action Replay? XD
    I would replace Dragon Pulse with Dragon Rush, because it's awesome.
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