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    The pin missiles flew like a tidal wave toward Exploud, forming an overwhelming wall, impossible to evade. I smiled to myself, completely unfazed. The end of the battle was already in sight.

    “Hyper voice, Exploud.” I ordered. Air was drawn in through the ports riddling Exploud’s head and the ends of his tail and he let his jaw drop wide, like an over exaggerated cartoon animation. The sound waves that ensued were invisible, but appeared to shake the very atmosphere with its force. Even I, who was directly in the blind spot of Exploud’s attack, felt the vibrations shake through my entire body and make my legs feel like led, impossible to move. The pin missile barrage was easily shattered and the attacking Maractus was blown away from the attack, flying straight into its owner’s arms. My challenger, Louis, was shaking violently from the sound waves even after Exploud ceased his attack, dropping to his knees as he trembled.

    “Sorry, was the volume to loud?” I asked, slightly concerned. The last thing I needed was to traumatize my challenger. Steven was already annoyed enough with me for accepting so many challenges at once unconditionally. But Louis shook his head.

    “I’m just surprised, is all.” He told me. “You really are strong, just like they say. Thanks for battling me.”

    “No problem.” I grinned at him, relieved that he wasn't a poor sport, like so many of my other challengers. “You can challenge me any time; my schedule’s more or less free now. I'm sure that with time, you'll become an excellent trainer.”

    Exploud snorted as Louis thanked me and left, heading back toward Mauville. I glared at Exploud once the boy was out of sight. Once more, with the attitude?

    “I don’t want you to be trying to give any comments.” I warned, poking the side of his head. “You were once an under-leveled Whismur, if I recall, who couldn’t make a sound louder a pen dropping.”

    In response, Exploud turned toward me, opened its mouth wide, and belched directly in my face. I felt the hairs on my arms stand in
    shock as a shiver went through my entire body.

    “Agh, ugh!”I moaned as I stumbled back, rubbing my eyes. “Dear god, man! That reeks My eyes are stinging!”

    Exploud just snickered in response, paying no mind to my vengeful kicks on his thick thigh. I ran a hand through my hair in an attempt to flatten it once more. I had pretty lifeless hair, though. My bangs were cut just perfectly so they wouldn't hinder my vision, but otherwise, it was void of anything to give it life of any kind, so it was quite flat. My eyes, on the other hand, burned like warm butterscotch. The ichor color they had was a strange characteristic I had that no one else in my family shared. I didn't mind this--I liked my individuality. I wore a closed long sleeved jacket that splits at the waist, letting my 'coattails', or whatever you call the bottom portion of my jacket, hanging loosely down to my ankles and exposing my legs. I wore black pants tucked into my knee high boots and on my belt was my favorite yoyo. Childish, I know, but I'd attached my pokeballs to it so I can release my pokemon from them at will with a single toss, allowing me to place them in hard to reach places. I know what you're thinking--innovative, right? Well, I just suck at tossing normal balls, so this is the best option for me. Don't judge.

    “You’re pretty unbecoming for a member of our Elite. Can’t you even be bothered to bathe every once and a while, dearie?”

    I frowned as I turned around and saw no one behind me. This was a pretty secluded area where I had brought Louis out to as to not attract too much attention. Even so, there were hardly any trees to hide in around here. I pocketed my hands as I looked up and found my visitor, who was floating in midair, seemingly without any help, aside from the Sableye that was hiding shyly behind her.

    “Well, well, long time no see, Phoebe.” I greeted with a raised eyebrow. My fellow Elite Four member grinned brightly down at me. I seriously had no idea how she was floating. I assumed one of her ghost Pokémon was invisible and holding her up, but since I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t really confirm this guess. “I don’t recall having extended a party invitation to you.”

    “Don’t be like that.” Phoebe said as she descended gently like a flower until she planted her bare feet onto the ground. She strode forward and drew me into an embrace, and I stubbornly refuse to hug her in return. “I missed you.”

    “Sure you did.” I rolled my eyes. “More like you missed teasing me.”

    “You’re basically a brother to me. How can I not tease you? You’ve been in Sinnoh for all of, what, sixteen months now?”

    I shrugged indifferently. It had been something like that. I’d wanted to study some myths in Sinnoh. While Hoenn was more focused on the weather and climate, Sinnoh’s legends were centered on the genesis of the world, such as space and time. I had hoped to find my answer there, but sadly I had no such luck. I could see it in Phoebe’s eyes—she wanted to know about everything I had found. I had learned some things, things that may or may not be clues, and Phoebe was the only person who knew of my ‘problem’. I could only hope that she could provide some insight on this.

    “First off,” Phoebe began as we sat within the Pokémon Center of Mauville Town. “You owe me BIG for all the pending challenges you had that I took care of for you. I had to spend less time with my sick grandmother and more timing defending the title of the Elite Four. You know I don’t like dealing with unnecessary challenges!”

    “Yes, yes, I understand.” I sighed in exasperation, rubbing my temples. “Although, it’s kind of your own fault. If you dislike the duties of the Elite Four so much, you should have been the one to resign, rather than Drake—ow!”

    Phoebe glared at me as I rubbed my bruised shin with one hand. She’d kicked me under the table when I’d suggested she resign, and I didn’t have to ask why. We both know why she hadn’t despite being the least motivated at the position of us all. My Linoone ignored us as it chewed through a basket of Oran berries to satiate its hunger. He was used to our usual bickering whenever we met and had developed the ability to tune us both out. I needed him to impart that talent to me.

    “Just tell me what you learned.” Phoebe told me as she laid her head on the table and swung her legs back and forth, like a child. I took a textbook from my bag and set it on the table, flipping it open.

    “Well then,” I sighed. “Let’s start with time then, shall we?”

    I stopped abruptly as Linoone lifted its head from the basket of berries, looking toward the window. Phoebe raised a finger to pet him under its chin, wiping off some of the berry juice drooling from the side of his mouth.

    “Who is it?” She asked quietly, almost indifferently. I frowned as I focused on the figure’s face before another figure stepped in front of

    “They’re wearing a hood.” I told her as I set the textbook back in my bag and unhooked my yoyo from my belt. “Brace yourself.”


    A large, heavy object sailed toward the window with deadly velocity and I hopped back out of my seat, raising my yoyo up before me.

    “Snorlax, catch that rock!” I called as tossed my yoyo out. It spun rapidly as one of the six pokeballs attached to it released my Pokémon. Snorlax braced himself as the large boulder smashed through the window of the Pokémon center and he caught it in his harms, skidding back several feet from the force. I took one glance around to make sure that everyone behind me was alright, and grimaced at the amount of people now cowering in fear. We couldn’t fight here. That rock wrecker attack had been more powerful than I had anticipated

    “Make sure they don’t get away, Phoebe!” I called as Snorlax set the boulder down with a grunt.

    “Already used mean look.” Phoebe assured me. She was standing not too far away, well away from the path of the boulder. Her Sableye was by her side, glaring through the shattered remains of the window, toward the Rhyperior waiting outside. I held a hand out and my Linoone climbed up my arm to wrap around my neck like a scarf. I rushed outside through the window along with my Snorlax, heading toward the Rhyperior and its hooded owner. I'd thought it would be a hit and run, but fortunately this guy seemed to be above that.

    “Rock blast.” The hooded man ordered.

    “Mega punch!”

    Snorlax slammed its fists into the rocks fired with deadly velocity from Rhyperior’s arms, knocking them into the ground like tossed bowling balls. We stopped just a few feet from the hooded man, who stared back at me with dark eyes from under his hood. Now that I was up close, I was able to say for certain that I had no idea who this man was. His hood still covered most of his face, but I could at least make out some of his facial expression.

    “Zephyr of the Elite Four?” He asked in a rough voice. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously.

    “Who wants to know?” I asked cautiously.

    “That’s answer enough. Mega horn!”

    Rhyperior charged forward, thrusting its horn forward. Snorlax caught the horn reflexively before it could be pierced, holding back the rhinoceros Pokémon with its brute strength.

    “Snorlax, use earthquake—” I began, but Snorlax suddenly went flying back as Rhyperior continued its charge, picking Snorlax off the ground slightly, barreling into the wall of the Pokémon center. I was surprised. Snorlax had been over powered?
    For someone strong enough to do that, I’d imagine that they were either a gym leader or an elite four member. This guy was clearly neither.

    “You’re an assassin sent after me, aren’t you?”

    “Figured it out that fast, have you? You’re just as they described you to be.” The hooded man folded his arms across his chest. “But I’m not exactly an 'assassin'.”

    I blinked in surprise at this. Someone had described me to him?

    “I’m afraid you must be mistaken.” I said quickly, recovering from my surprise. “I haven’t been around for quite a while. For someone to have sent you after me…”

    “I assure you, I’m not mistaken.”

    I gritted my teeth as I observed his expression. He didn’t seem to be lying. Someone had had sent him after me. But who?

    “Outrage, Snorlax.”

    Snorlax began thrashing violently and threw Rhyperior off of him. Rhyperior held its arms over its head as Snorlax proceeded to batter Rhyperior ferociously with its arms, its limbs flying out without hesitation, refusing to allow Rhyperior a break until it forced the rhinoceros all the way back to stand before its master.

    “I’d heard about your fighting technique as well.” The man went on calmly, as if my attack wasn’t a surprise to him. “You use unique and unorthodox methods in combat, utilizing your normal types’ versatility, but that’s not the end of it. You have an ingenious knowledge of berries that allow you to use them in ways beyond their original use. Your Snorlax using a Persim berry to cure its confusion is a pretty basic tactic, though.”

    “How do you know this?” I demanded, completely surprised now. My knowledge of berries wasn’t a well-known fact. I didn’t go beyond the most basic uses during my challenges or most other normal combat. I only used it in serious situations that weren’t related to official fights. Who exactly was this guy?

    “You needn’t worry about how I know this. It’s necessary that I do, however, in order to defeat someone as strong as yourself.”

    “Wha-?!” I gasped in surprise as I felt something lock around my waist, forcing my arms to my side. I looked around to see a Geodude holding me in a pin. One had grabbed Linoone as well and pinned it to the ground. Several of them had grabbed Snorlax and forced it to the ground. “Where did these come from?!?”

    “Rhyperior can launch rocks in its palm in order to use rock blast and its signature move, rock wrecker. On some occasions, they’ve been known to fire Geodude as well.

    The rocks from earlier, I realized. I’d thought they had been normal rocks. The oversight was my own loss.

    “Self-destruct.”The hooded man ordered. The Geodude holding me began to glow white with energy before releasing it all at once, along with the others. The blast enveloped me and seared my body painfully, and for a moment, all I could see was white.

    I must have blacked out, because the next thing I saw was Phoebe’s face. She was staring down at me with a worried expression that melted away once she saw that I was awaking, turning to relief.

    “I’m alive.”I realized.

    “You’re alive.” She nodded. “Though barely. If my Bannette didn’t drag you into the shadows at the last second, you would have been seriously injured.”

    I immediately swiveled my head around, looking for my Pokémon. I winced as I did—my cheek touched the warmth of skin, and I realized that my head was lying in Phoebe’s lap. I considered sitting up, but my muscles were aching. Honestly, this was as comfortable as I was going to get.
    I saw both of my Pokémon nearby. Snorlax was on its back, fast asleep, and Linoone was curled in its stomach, possibly asleep too, though I doubted it. He had been knocked out before even getting the chance to fight. We’d been that bad off. Still, I was glad that Phoebe hadn’t gotten involved until the last second. The fight had been mine entirely—and my loss entirely. And I had learned some interesting things.

    Like the fact that there was someone out for my head.



    “I’m going to need to cancel all of my challenges for the week and deny any others who ask for a battle for the next few months.”

    I expected her to object or even whine, but instead, she just sighed.

    “They’re going to be disappointed—you’re the only one of us Elite Four who willingly accepts challenges on a regular basis, since Sydney has his concerts to deal with.”

    “They’ll have to settle for the gym leaders like everyone else."

    “Speaking of which, Wattson had come to the battlefield right after you passed out.” Phoebe blinked, as if just remembering. “He managed to fight of that strange man and had you brought into his gym to have your burns looked at. He’s outside now, checking the damages.”

    The man I had lost to had been chased off by a person who specialized in a type with a disadvantage against his Rhyperior. If I cared, I'd have been ashamed.

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