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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge
So you're also gunning for speed too right? :D
Yeah, but it's not really just about speed, it's more about flexibility and agility. I don't want to control a tank, I'd much prefer a Ferrari

So I got a strange image. SR=Shining Raichu, Sheik user. SR=Sector Revenge, Zelda user. xD The reason I don't use Sheik is because...well...I feel a lot comfortable using Zelda. I just like her movepool way better as it seems.
I love Zelda too! I don't use her as much as I use Sheik, but I definitely use her a lot. She's the kind of character that nobody else can even get close to because if they come within half the stage of me I just shoot them with an exploding fireball . Sheik is a more close-combat kinda girl, so they're just very different styles.

King Dedede is actually not that bad to be honest. So I'd have to switch sides with Spino on this one, sorry Andy :X

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus
Forgetting someone?
I didn't forget about Sonic! I love Sonic too, just not as much as the others. He's definitely one of the fastest characters in-game and I love a lot of his moveset, but he errs on the side of probably too fast and not entertaining enough to make it into my top 5

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