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    Well most people may be against this but as a Game Developer I will address both the pros and cons of undertaking such a task..

    Pros: If you have the time, developing an engine from scratch is very beneficial. It can teach you almost everything you need to know to develop a full blown game or Game Engine. You'll learn Vectors, Shaders, the difference between 2D and 3D and so much more. Using Pokemon as a base for your engine is good for many reasons. First reason is there are many resources available so you shouldn't have to worry about art to test various features. Pokemon is a game that has been developed, Its mechanics have been done and proven. You know how it is supposed to perform meaning you have a plan and you don't need to think of one, work on it, and flesh out whats possible and what is not.. You have a solid base to build from. Also most people love Pokemon some of them love programming, why not create and learn with something you love? Also if your looking for a job in the Game industry it will be good portfolio meat.

    Cons: If someone were to make a Engine almost as good as PE they cant sell it. No profit can be made. Pokemon is Nintendo's IP(Intellectual Property). If you don't have time such as your an adult or you need money now you should work on very simple projects. Undertaking Game Engine Creation is bigger than most realize. It requires Advanced math if you wish to do 3D among many other things.. Its no easy feat... if your developing an engine for others to use you need to make it user friendly. So others may get the most out of your tool. This is always not so easy.

    There was more I wanted to say but I got distracted from this post by other things.. I'll post more as I remember but basically making a game engine is not easy but its well worth it if you have the time.. If you don't have time to waste then keep your goals realistic... this is my two cents hope people enjoy reading this..

    One of my goals was to create 3D overworlds in OpenGL, because if Game Freak can do it, why can't we? Obviously it's not as dramatic a change as overhauling the entire battle system, but we've also coded in things such as quadruple battles (or battles of any size, really), and a complex speed formula that doesn't simply order everything in descending order of speed, but assigns probabilities.
    Look at the credits of Pokemon next time you play.. see how many programmers/designers/developers etc they had working on the game... that is why you will come up short in your goal...

    C++ is no easy language I'm working with it as we speak and It is quite annoying at times when I look at C# and at C++ i think why the hell did they over complicate this language so damn much...... I can use the C++ language pretty good but everything is so over complicated when I could have achieved the same results in C# easier, probably with less lines of code and less annoyance. That is just my opinion.. I like some features of C++ and some annoy me like I like using Vectors but hate using iterators....