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    Name: Thesyko501
    Game:heart fire red
    Pokemon: Arcanine/Seadra

    /sigh my heart gold rom keeps crashing so i am going to switch to firered to keep going on with the challange. Still using the same pokemon but i will make horse a starter and growelith in route 1 some where to be catchable

    -Started adventure in Fire Red and got horsea from oak
    -Defeated rival green
    -Went to Viridian City to get Oaks Parcel
    -Returned to pallet town with Oaks Parcel and got pokeballs
    -Cought level 5 Growlithe on route 1(had to hack him in)
    -Went through Viridian Forest fighting an onslought of Caterpie and weedle eveloutions
    -Made it to Pewter city and defeated Brock with bubbles!
    -Went through route 3 and now waiting outside of Mt.Moon


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