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Originally Posted by drunk ¬_¬ View Post
@ Retro - ^ That being said, since Vieve and Vinnie are going to have a flirtatious relationship, Ricardo might be pretty jealous of that. Which means that he'll have a lot of "maybe she likes me instead" moments when they have serious/personal conversations, but he'll generally keep his distance (emotionally). I really like the idea of the whole butchered Spanish thing, since that would be something that's get on Ricardo's nerves. :D
Also, if you ever need someone to unleash Vieve's "bottled up feelings" when she's angry… I'm your guy; Ricardo would probably yell back only to shrimp back once Vieve gets really going. xD
Yay, this all sounds really good to me! :)

Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
@Retro Bug: I like what you said, and I agree we should keep it mainly playful. But later on, maybe we can develop onto that, whether it be towards just being really close friends... Or the other way (bwaow chika wow wowwww)
Ahaha, I like the way you think. :P

Originally Posted by Otherworld9) View Post
@Retro Bug - Well, I was also thinking about ideas myself, and I agree with you there. My character is too laid back and lazy and, well, honest, so Candice is able to appreciate the fact Vieve doesn't mind her quiet personality. The fact she talks a lot can make Candice wonder where she gets all these ideas and such, and sometimes she tries to talk more but ends up saying something weird. Candice wont like how she likes dresses and skirts, but she manages to somehow pass through that along the years, as long as it doesn't involve Candice being in a dress or skirt, she's fine.
I think Vieve might try her hardest to convince Candice to get into a dress. That'll be her go to conversation starter. Aha.

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