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Originally Posted by Klinklang5 View Post
I must apologize for my vast inactivity lately, I was out of country for a while. Anyway to answer the topic at hand, Scraggy and Ash are quite adorable, since they're both stubborn and hard-headed.
*giggle* I guess they both are quite the pair, aren't they? Sometimes I prefer Iris and Axew, though. I guess it's probably comes down to how cute the Trainer him/herself is, too.

Originally Posted by Oshawott01 View Post
Name: Oshawott01
Cute Pokémon: Oshawott
Why?: I love cute pokemon my sis has always liked the tough ones but I like the cuties. Some of my favourites are:
(Answer the current topic!) The best trainer combo is probably Dawn and Piplup actually Misty and Togepi, I love that Togepi to pieces.

Hmm, I do believe every pokemon can be cute, even Metagross (AlexOzzyCake) Here proves it:

How cute is it! Look at those eyes aww
Cute? Uh... Well, maybe. I don't think that all kinds of cuteness are as appealing as each other... Sometimes, big ol' watery eyes won't work. I think for Metagross, cuteness should be approached in some other way, lest it backfires.
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