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My top 5 that Ive been putting off song long cause i wanted to get and play through brawl again but it was $76 used so stuff that.

5. Roy. God I loved Roy on melee. I liked Marth before unlocking Roy.. but then I used him, my god. He was basically Marth with added strength and fire! Who doesn't like that? He was who I feel back on when I couldn't beat something with other people cause he was awesome.

4. Fox. I loved fox in the original one and carried that love throughout all the series. He had a really fun move set and was fast as hell which was really fun and suited my style a lot. Plus his stage in the original was like my favourite one so defs a special place in my heart.

3. Metaknight. My main man on Brawl. I can't remember much of him but I know he was my favourite and that I used him whenever I played brawl so he's obviously awesome. Im pretty sure he has a move where he like teleports and I always had fun with that. Plus he looks awesome cant forget that!

2. The Ice-climbers. My god in Melee these guys were so fun! Whats better than having 1? HAVING 2! All there moves worked so well together and I really liked their get up move as well. All in all one of my favourite characters by far and I look forward to using them again now I know how fun they are!

1. Pikachu. From the original onwards easily my favourite and best character. All his moves are awesome, his speed is awesome and Im just awesome with him. I have wasted many a days just playing as Pikachu along and I think that proves how special he is to me in the SSB games. Plus he looks awesome when using thunder. And he makes it so you can see peoples bones! Even more awesome!!

What do you mean by third party? Do you mean characters from games that arent Nintendo exclusive?