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    Recruiting a Team Member

    Team name: Pokémon Legendary Crystal / Allstars
    Team Leader: FlipelyFlip
    Current Members:
    FlipelyFlip (doing nearly everything)
    BoogatieRoll (technical suport for the Updater)
    Current Game title: Pokémon Legendary Crystal / Allstars
    Current progress made: Beta version will be soon available in German, I'm working on the translations into english, so it will also be soon available in English (:
    Position(s) needed:
    Spriter for editing Pokésprites and creating a few hybrids (front- and backsprites)
    Spriter for charsets and trainer (if someone is able to do both spritejobs, I wouldn't say no :D)
    Scripter ('cause I'm sucking at scripting on the Essential kit)
    Lector for the English language (Sometimes I don't use the right words to say what I mean in the games)
    Timezone: Western Europ Time, London, Lissabon, Casablanca
    Preferred Method of contact:
    PM, MSN, Skype
    Additional info:
    It would be cool, if there is someone who want to help me (:

    ~flipy (:
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