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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    ...No it isn't. You don't seem to know what makes a Sequel. If they wanted to they could make a Sequel of any Pokemon Generation that they wanted to. There are no special rules to making a sequel.

    They revived two teams already who's stories were closed at the end of their respective games. They can EASILY BS a reason to revive Magma/Aqua with different goal because unlike B/W you were not Forced to CATCH the Mascot meaning that they could have left after being defeated, which they do if you choose not to catch them. They could even bring in another team for the sequels that are after Rayquaza and attempt to awaken it by awakening Groudon/Kyogre and repeat Aqua/Magma's steps to awakening the Contenental and Deep Sea Pokemon.

    There are a multitude of possibilities to continue Kyogre and Groudon's battle. Heck if they wanted two it can just be two warring factions who want to see which is better, land or sea. A set of teams that fight for the love of fighting and don't care who gets hurt along the way.
    You say that not being forced to catch legendaries in R/S/E is reason for sequel. It can be said otherwise. Being forced to catch legendary is reason for sequel. Look at B/W - player was forced to catch one of legendaries and N caught another one. It was done to continue story in B2/W2. No other game forced player to catch any legendary, therefore no of them got sequel instead of third version.

    Sequel is made only when there is something left to make it. Unova got sequel because it had extra land for new cities, and third mascot story to be told. Hoenn has nothing of those things left. Also, Aqua/Magma disbanded forever because they saw their actions don't make sense at all. Team Rocket and Plasma were revived because they didn't realize that and wanted to try again.

    Reusing legendaries which were all already featured is nonsense. It would be nothing but slightly altered original story. Third team going after Rayquaza is also nonsense. What they would want? Expand the sky? It doesn't even sound sensible.

    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    It would be as simple as adding a town in some random corner, or heck if a decade has passed, they could as well just use...Verdanturf as the starting town, making you take a different path.
    With bigger screens, the map would be bigger and had much more room to add more places than the original Hoenn map in RSE.
    Again, what random corner if Hoenn has no corners left? Using already featured town like Verdanturf is not likely because starting town always is the new one.