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    Originally Posted by incognito27 View Post
    Hey guys, which badge do I need to use Rock Smash outside of battle?
    I am assuming its Whitney's badge because, my trainer card skipped that badge and went to the fourth.
    Also, how do I get the 3rd badge? Will it fill itself after collecting all 8 badges? (assuming I make it that far without Rock Smash)
    If you really beated Whiteney in the game then you have no problemo my friend. The badge case will fill itself up after some time coz its buggy

    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    Absolutely not. They are completely incompatible. This is due to a change in the way the game saves certain information which would cause massive issues if the game save was continued.

    Yes, it is. It's been out for nearly 2 months! The new version cleans up the flags, variables and trainerflags so that they no longer conflict with each other, leading to a much cleaner and less buggy experience.
    I only asked because there was no mention of 3.2 in the first page. Isn't it that version which includes that cave south of the city in orange islands??? if yes then I do not need to worry about it
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