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You're still not making sense here.

I'll say this again. Magnezone is the better option over Jolteon because of its excellent defensive synergy with Salamence. It can trap and eliminate Steel Pokemon to make Salamence's sweeping time easier (even though it has EQ and Fire Blast/Fang for coverage). As Dragonomega already said, Magnezone has an easier time against Scizor and Ferrothorn; both Pokemon can hit Jolteon hard (Scizor with Bullet Punch (despite the resistance) and U-turn and Ferrothorn with Power Whip); Ferrothorn can also set up all over Jolteon if the latter lacks HP Fire. Also, if Magnezone uses Subsititute, a 0 Attack EV Ferrothorn can't break a "healthy" Sub with Power Whip. Magnezone can then proceed to spam Charge Beam (even though Ferrothorn resists the move) until its Special Attack is sufficiently high enough to tear through the rest of the team (and before you ask, I'm putting you in a hypothetical situation if you were using Magnezone yourself). If you're still unsure, reread Dragonomega's posts.

Again, let me elaborate on why Fire Blast is better over Fire Fang. Fire Fang is a weak move naturally. Even though it can hit non-Heatran Steels super effectively, most Steels have high physical Defense, which means that they can easily survive and strike back. It also hits the normally weaker Special Defense of physical walls (particularly Steels), which is a bonus.