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    Originally Posted by Erosu mou View Post
    I started to play PvP Pokemon battles on Pokemon White and I see nothing that needs to be changed.I think the game meta is perfect.Well I am used to the anime battle system and I like the anime battle system a lot better.It is weird that some people say abilities like Moody should be banned because it is "Hax."One of my top 6 favorite Pokemon is a Glalie and it has Moody and I see no problem with it because Glalie has all 80 Base stats and it doesn't not have any advantages really in my opinion over the long battles I had before.
    Protect/Substitute sets will ensure you eventually get the Evasion Boost, or enough speed to stall for the evasion boost.

    Back to topic, I would like to see all weather banned because everytime I venture into OU I go like 3 games before I see Politoed and think 'oh great, yet more rain'. Gen IV battling was so much simpler, where the only weather bringers in OU were Tyranitar and Hippowdon, not because of their abilities, but because they were great Pokemon in general. Politoed and Ninetales aren't even good, if Drought and Drizzle were banned, they would almost certainly drop to the bottom end tiers.

    But that will never happen because Smogon have already introduced the complex ban of no DrizzleSwim (which was when rain was peaking) . I guess in place of a ban on weather, I would like to see the Pokemon that abuse the weather best banned. Tornadus is a pretty good example, especially the Therian forme, you can spam Hurricane all day long in the rain and don't have to care about Stealth Rock because of Regenerator.

    I'd like to ban all evasion abilities too, not just in OU, but in all tiers, including ubers. Garchomp is a good example of why if you missed that vital Ice Shard/Beam. To take another example, if you had the win because your Fire-Type move would have roasted that Mamoswine and it missed because of Snow Cloak, you lose what was essentially your game. Yes, if you chose Fire Blast over Flamethrower, it's not hax it misses, it's just bad luck since you chose to use the more powerful but less accurate move (high risk, high reward), but it's your choice and it backfired on you at that moment. Evasion abilities take that control out of the player's hands and essentially leaves the game to luck. Pokemon should not be like that.

    Just my pet peeves, but until this happens, I'll stick to UU and below thanks.