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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny

    The Tentou tried to rawr his name to her, making it understandible for her. 'ah so it's Tentou, cool name.' Ruby started petting him again. 'you don't have to try to rawr your name, i can understand pokemon language.' she whispered to him, so that Kilik and Jack couldn't hear it at all, even though Kilik probely had noticed it already when they battled.

    "Hey...Kilik," Jack greeted back a little slowly, was he annoyed by him? why would he? Kilik hadn't given her the expression that he was a annoying person. " seem down, what happened failed a class or something?" Jack was right about that, Kilik seemed a little down, she wondered what happened but his next words made her understand that he didn't want to say it. 'if there's anything wrong, you can always tell me okay?' Ruby smiled at him trying to make him feel better.

    Kilik suggested to go on a exploration, to be honest her ankle was still hurting a little from a while ago, but she decided it wouldn't stop her, esspecially not if this could cheer him up a little. 'count me in.' she said with a soft voice as she brushed her blonde hair out of her face.
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