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    Originally Posted by drunk ¬_¬ View Post
    @ Otherworld - Well, to be honest, I feel like your character is the one who Ricardo is the most uneasy about… given that she's so "brutally honest". :P
    At first, he'll see her as just 'another one of the guys', but eventually I think he's going to develop a crush on her (opposites attract…) and he'll likely get pretty protective of her and see her as his 'wild thing', although I don't see him acting on this crush on his own accord.
    Yeah, and how she's so lazy and being such opposites xD I agree though. I can see my character developing a crush too, and since she's so honest, she's not afraid of making the first move...although she's soo slow due to the fear of relationships xD

    It might take her longer to realize the crush though, probably once something happens that triggers that realization. ;P

    @ Retro Bug - Oh my, Candice is sure going to have a good time with her xD

    @Lt. Col. Fantastic - Who knows, anything can happen~
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