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Ayame Akiko

"Yeah! Just wait up!" Dorian said to Ayame as she got a little overexcited.

both of them walked to the cabins, Ayame secretly hoped hers would be next Dorian's, that way they could visit each other sometimes. 'wow! they look awesome!' Ayame said as they got the floor of the cabins, she saw a open door and the cabins looked really high-classed. 'i hope ours looks just like that one!' Ayame said. 'let's go!' Ayame started running but came back. 'hehe sorry, i guess i have a little too much energy.' Ayame smiled at him. She saw how Dorian was suddenly blushing and quickly turned her face.

'w-well... shall we go look for our cabins...?' she asked getting a little more shy, Hikari noticed this but decided not to interfere into this kind of stuff.

There was alot going through Ayame's mind, she was really happy to be here with her best friend, but somehow she felt nervous, and when they are together she gets this... fluffy feeling inside, she ever felt like that since that night they crashed on the couch and woke up cuddling each other. She was aware of the blush on her face, but it wouldn't stop her to take a glance at Dorian. 'shall we?' she asked him. 'i'm really curious about the cabins~'