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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    Cons: If someone were to make a Engine almost as good as PE they cant sell it. No profit can be made. Pokemon is Nintendo's IP(Intellectual Property). If you don't have time such as your an adult or you need money now you should work on very simple projects. Undertaking Game Engine Creation is bigger than most realize. It requires Advanced math if you wish to do 3D among many other things.. Its no easy feat... if your developing an engine for others to use you need to make it user friendly. So others may get the most out of your tool. This is always not so easy.
    They can sell it if it's not branded with Pokémon and runs games that are not branded as Pokémon or similar enough to count as clones. Have you ever heard of Keitai Denjuu Telefang? The gameplay is very similar to Pokémon (and it even got a bootleg named "Pokémon Diamond" here around 2001), but not similar enough to have raised concerns where it was legitimately distributed in Japan.

    And why almost as good? What happens if someone makes it better?

    Look at the credits of Pokemon next time you play.. see how many programmers/designers/developers etc they had working on the game... that is why you will come up short in your goal...
    All the programmers are lumped into one portion. The majority of people in the credits are music makers, graphical makers, website designers, Pokémon designers... you get the idea. The two of us now are only programmers. We'd need a team of people with us doing other things as well, and the work we've done now simply hasn't attracted that potential team yet. It will come in time.

    C++ is no easy language I'm working with it as we speak and It is quite annoying at times when I look at C# and at C++ i think why the hell did they over complicate this language so damn much...... I can use the C++ language pretty good but everything is so over complicated when I could have achieved the same results in C# easier, probably with less lines of code and less annoyance. That is just my opinion.. I like some features of C++ and some annoy me like I like using Vectors but hate using iterators....
    To be honest, I think of C++ as simpler than C#, but that's probably just because I've never programmed in C# before.

    Also, one of the reasons we preferred C++ to C# is that C# relies on a virtual machine to run, and is a proprietary language owned by Microsoft. One of the requirements of our engine is to be cross-platform, and coding in C++ helps achieve that most easily.

    Also, it's harder do dirty hacks in C#.