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    George Edmunds

    George waited patiently for the other two to finish their exchange finishing up his food as he did so and placing the empty box back in the plastic bvag it came in before stowing it in his pack to be disposed of later.

    In answer to Julius he said:
    "Sounds like a plan! Lets get moving. I havent got the slightest idea where to go once we're inside the academy but I'm sure there'll be a map."

    He turned to Kane, Aber and Uhuru. "Oi you three! Lets get moving come on! Stop mucking about!"
    He smiled as they rushed to his sides and he bent down to give each of them a gentle pet. Kane began to paw at Georges leg.
    "Okay big guy I'll carry you."
    He picked the dog pokemon up in his arms and turned back to the other two trainers.
    "Well we're all ready to go. Julius would you mind leading seeing as you seem to have more of an idea as to where we're going?"
    He smiled again. So many new friends in one day. Arti on the other hand was the first non-suicune he'd met. It would be interesting to judge the skill difference perhaps in a battle or maybe just watching him train. But it was too late for either now and he desperately wanted to get to bed and eat his other box of ramen. His stomach made a slight gurgle in agreement to this last thought.
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