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    My top 5 would be:

    5. Captain Falcon - Captain Falcon is pretty much a decent hit-and-run guy, and what makes me like him the most is his fast, yet strong attacks like the Falcon Punch, etc.
    4. Pikachu - Pikachu used to be my main character, and is one of my favorites because of its speed and ability to spam Thunder and stuff. My strategy with Pikachu pretty much went with weaken the opponent by spamming, go to somewhere in range of Thunder, and wait for the opponents to come near then send them flying with Thunder.
    3. Kirby - Kirby's high endurance and great potential for spam sums up why I like the cute pink ball thing. Whenever I use Kirby, I make sure to spam Stone Kirby and take advantage of the Earthquake glitch if I'm playing in the Pictochat stage.
    2. Lucario - Lucario's aura is what makes him my favorite in Brawl. I usually make sure to get at least 100% damage, then spam either Force Palm or Smash Attack (if the opponent is a defensive type of guy), or Double Team/Detect (if the opponent is the spam type of guy).
    1. Meta Knight - Top tier guy, gliding capabilities, easy to sidestep with, can spam, etc. :D