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    Arti Dell

    Arti thought the way George spoke was very humerous. He didn't want to be rude, so he kept his comedy act to himself. He couldn't supress a laugh when George said "Oi!" , however. Arti realized that they were about to move on, so he picked Swadloon up and set him on his shoulder. Swadloon clicked in response, shifting her weight to get into a more comfortable position.

    "Sorry about that, girl," he said, "Larry got me good." The clothed pokemon sterted to close her eyes, and Arti figured she was too tired to go out tonight.

    I still gotta go shopping. The boat got here later than I thought...I hope the stores stay open after dark like in Castelia City. Swadloon is gonna have to stay in the dorm...I don't like being apart, but I giess we have to.

    He followed Julius on his four, and Goerge on his seven. Like this, the three set out towards the Academy. Julius seemed to have a good sense of direction and idea of nis surroundings, something Arti needed to work on. His time in the city led to his sense of direction being street signs and the alphanumerical system the city was laid out in. He wouldn't have any of that out here.

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