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    Recruiting a Team Member
    Team name: Pokemon Enexta Version
    Team Leader: Rick1234
    Current Members: Me, Rebekah Howard and Jeremy Diver (Facebook)
    Current Game title: Pokemon Enexta Version
    Current progress made: Barely any. Only one person working on it slows me down. Mapping is something I am making progress on. The story is something that people say is good so I am going to stick with it. New character designs are coming in soon from a friend.
    Position(s) needed: Scripter,Design artist, Mapper so on so forth
    Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    Preferred Method of contact: Gmail,Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube any form of contact.
    Link to thread:
    And additional pictures:

    Additional info: Yes barely any game progress has been made. This is why my request is coming in. I wish to get all the positions filled. If anymore info is needed please feel free to ask.
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