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Originally Posted by NV View Post
I'm going to try this out, I hope it's alright if I use a Pokemon with a slight difference from the standard pokemon

Full Name:Pakku Yurui (I'm a sucker for japanese names)
Nicknames: Packrat, Pikku Pakku(After his shops name)
Sex: Male
Age: 21

Family: Sacred Fire
Career: Pakku is a wandering salesman, he sells and trades herbs and trinkets, or what ever he has in his pack

Appearance:Messy medium brown hair covers his green eyes his skin is slightly tanned either from dirt or sun, he wears a green Shinto Priest style garb and is normally bare foot (sound familiar?)The outfits sleeves are extremely long and they often cover his hands when hes not using them he carries his shop on his back and used a satchel at his side to store the money.
History: Pakku was a rather odd boy, he was extremely lazy at some times and at others he worked harder than the whole family, he felt his random nature was taxing on his parents and siblings so when he turned 16, he decided to take to being a traveling sales man so he could help out in a manner that suited him better. During the winter he returns home with his earnings and works at collecting more items for his shop for when he sets out again.

Skills: Pakku can carry a large amount of weight for very long distances, he's extremely good at managing money while still offering his wares at a mostly reasonable price. When not wearing his shop he is rather fast and knows basic martial arts which he has improved into his own style over the years. His endurance is also rather good.
Flaws: He can push himself too hard and exhaust himself even with his amazing endurance. He also rarely fights so he can be over-powered by a skilled combatant. Finally he is extremely reckless and often takes big risks that get him into situations he can't get out of.
Weapon: Pakku hides objects in his sleeves and uses them as secret wepaons. Dispite this, he prefers hand to hand combat.
Pokemon: Sneasel
Pokemon Name: Taiyō
Pokemon Personality: Taiyō is quite arrogant and short tempered but also much more realistic than Pakku, Taiyo often takes the lead out of the two.
Pokemon History: Taiyō was born with two deformities, he lacked a gem on his chest and he had no signs of being an Ice type at all. He later grew accustomed to wearing a sash across his chest to draw attention away from his missing gem.
Pokemon Specialty: Taiyō can use dark moves with blinding accuracy during the day and a fair amount of accuracy at night.
Pokemon Flaws: he can't stand the cold, and his night vision is slightly off.

Proof of Reading: I see that Pakku and Tai are going to be in the forests a lot. And yes They will definitely bicker. I hope I didn't make them to different.

Anything Else: Is it alright if Taiyo isn't a typical sneasel? I'd like him to be just a dark type since I don't really like ice types or know much about them to properly portray a regular Sneasels stats.
I see... Too many problems with this than I'd care to list. But here's some of the more obvious ones.
  • There's no monetary item in this RP, so a salesman seems rather pointless, no?
  • Moreover, with families that help within, they'd usually reject any outsiders. They also wouldn't charge each other for items.
  • While the "gemless" deformity isn't quite an issue (it does add some individuality, which anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy) I feel your pokemon link should have all of its types and moves available to learn.
  • Your proof of reading... Only tells me that you looked at the map. Honestly, from your sign-up, it looks like you didnt read the plot or any of it at all.
  • Lastly, a backpacker? I mean, in some RP's that could work, but an RP like this? You'd be roleplaying alone, backpacking through empty forests and interacting with literally no one else in the RP.

I've got to say, read the whole first post, or if you already read it, read it again. Then try a new sign-up.

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In other news, the IC is up!

Come on, princes and princesses, post!
Why, look at Sapph's elegant and well-written post!

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New Moon's calling

It was the night of the full moon
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