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Originally Posted by Ark_Silvanos View Post
but doesn't the pokerus remaining byte get removed if u box a pokemon? i'm not really sure if it will save that value and load it or randomize it when u take it out.

Also unless i'm mistaken, isn't the bit that controls ablility the last bit in the 'personality' dword? this word controls every random attribute a pokemon has when its first met (i think neway...), and theres no other check for ability otherwise. So in this case, in order for a hidden ability to exist, the game would have to run a check to see if the byte for the hidden ability (in the pokemon data structure) was set and load the hidden ability, and run the normal ability check if its not present (because that byte wouldn't exist for wild pokemon). Which could be done, i guess, but would take a lot of work to make it work. [I might be totally wrong about this tho XD]

And i'm not totally sure of this, but the language word might be used in a check somewhere when trading pokemon between different language versions? i dunno... bulbapedia has given a list of valid values, so i guess there must be a check somewhere....

newayz... sorry i'm such a wet blanket ... but i guess if we could find some use for it, it could lead to some pretty cool new features
Well, according to my research, it seems that this byte isn't affected at all during Firered. Pokerus is actually preserved when you store the Pokemon in the PC. Pokerus is designed to end at midnight, and due to Firered's lack of a RTC, it just stays on a Pokemon indefinately. I don't believe you can even find it in the wild in the Firered games...the byte is only there to allow for compatability between RSE, which DO use that byte.

My idea would require the code that generates Pokemon to be modified somewhat. Currently, ability is decided whether or not the personality value is odd or even. We could modify that code to instead use the pRNG (another source of randomness in-game), see if it's even or odd, and then load the byte value of the corresponding ability into the newly-made "ability" byte. We would also need to modify how an ability is read, by making it use that byte instead of the original way.

Since most hacks are designed as a stand-alone game, trading between games isn't foremost on my mind. I thought it might have something to do with an experience boost, but foreign language trades don't get a boost until Gen IV.

I also neglected to mention...some people might want to use the Pokerus byte for what it was actually intended for, to give someone Pokerus that actually does expire and is generated.

Thanks for everyone's support so far

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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