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    Look at the credits of Pokemon next time you play.. see how many programmers/designers/developers etc they had working on the game... that is why you will come up short in your goal...
    lol I find this funny. I don't think that the programmers really doing anything. They already have a nice engine they simply reuse. Plus, they don't add many new features and I'm pretty sure that the features they do add could be programed by a single person 2 weeks tops.

    Originally Posted by Dragonite Ernbston View Post
    To be honest, I think of C++ as simpler than C#, but that's probably just because I've never programmed in C# before.

    Also, one of the reasons we preferred C++ to C# is that C# relies on a virtual machine to run, and is a proprietary language owned by Microsoft. One of the requirements of our engine is to be cross-platform, and coding in C++ helps achieve that most easily.

    Also, it's harder do dirty hacks in C#.
    lol you say stuff about C# right after you say that you've never programmed it before. There is less of need for those dirty hacks in C#. Having experience with both, C# "fixes" everything that was wrong with C++. For example, you can't use structs as OPP and everything has to exist inside a namespace. Both have their pros and cons.

    As for which is easier, it depends on which you like better. However, simple C++, Win32 and DirectX/OpenGL vs C# with .NET, C# is more higher level. C# with XNA makes it a lower level but it still is somewhat easier than plain C++. C# was designed to be easier. Finding which program is a higher level is essentially like finding which one is easier. I believe you can also use C++ with C#, but I'm not sure how that works, haven't really tried it myself.

    Let's not get into which programming language is better here though.