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    Giselle O'Brien

    Giselle shrugged as the Seel broke out of the Pokeball, hit Jet with an Aurora Beam and then went back into the ocean. Jet had been knocked over by the Aurora Beam and got back up looking at Giselle with a look that said he was disappointed in himself. "Don't be disappointed Jet, you did a great job, and we'll get the next one" she smiled at her Pokemon and pulled out his Pokeball. "now you get some rest Jet" she called him back into his Pokeball and then stood up. As she was about to walk away she heard a boys voice snicker. "I knew she wouldn't catch it, like I told you, just another pathetic wannabe trainer, who knows how she even got on this ship."

    Giselle stopped and her eyes narrowed before she turned around, and if looks could kill, he would be long gone. "listen here, I'm not sure about you but I placed in the top ten in the Unova league, actually I couldn't care less about how you did in a league. Just know that if you say anything like that about me again... I'm a master in martial arts" she smirked and turned stalking away her head held high. People like that infuriated her, always acting like they were better than others. Honestly she didn't care that she hadn't caught that Pokemon. There were always others to be caught s to her one failed catch wasn't a big deal to her.

    Giselle made her way to the nurses office and approached the red haired woman dressed in pink. "excuse me M'am, I'd like to have two of my Pokemon healed please" she said.

    Nurse Angie Silvers turned to her and smiled. "alright just give them here and I'll have them back to you in a jiffy" Giselle nodded and pulled out Jet and Rosie's Pokeballs handing them to the nurse. The Nurse walked away from Giselle and returned a few minutes later with her Pokemon. "Here you go, all healed up" she handed Giselle back her Pokemon. Muttering a thank you Giselle left the Nurses deciding to head back to her cabin and she started walking that direction.