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So after much training, struggling, saving, restarting and all around trouble...I have finally defeated LANCE round 2, with his level 72 SALAMANCE. With my TYRANITARS tank like stats (thanks to EV Training) I put a stop to him. Then jokingly, I again challenged RED (or TIM in FireRed) and I was half assing the battle until I started to actually win. With the use of many REVIVES and HYPER POTIONS and beat him, utilizing VICTREEBELL's Grass Knot against the clearly; over-weight SNORLAX of his. After finally beating him, boasting on FB, I went to collect my spoils in PALLET TOWN and SAFFRON CITY. I chose MUDKIP and BULBASAUR to fill out my balanced type'd tea. Replacing POLIWRATH with MUDKIP and VICTREEBELL with BULBASAUR. I started EV Training both of them immediately. So now I have battled every challenger and have pretty much beaten the game. Now I will buy a couple new games in attempt to finish off my POKeDEX.

My Team

Level 74
Quirky nature
Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Eruption, Rock Climb (getting rid of this one.)

Level 9
Bashful nature
Tackle, Growl, Surf, Mud-Slap

Level 5
Bold nature (bad nature, )
Tackle, Growl

Level 61
Lonley nature
Payback, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock

Level 71
Bashful nature
Psybeam, Psychic, Recover

Level 61
Sassy nature
Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Fly, Wing Attack