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    Dude, this looks nice! :D
    I'll give it a shot, as I have lots of free time!

    Aaaanyways, here it goes:
    BTW The standard Pokeball is and will always be my favorite!
    If there's something I need to change/expand/remove, I'll be more than glad to do so.

    Trainer Name: Adrastos "Adan" Sacramenti
    Trainer Type: Cameraman
    Trendy Title: Awesome Dude
    Gender: Male
    Age: Fourteen
    Appearance: Adan wears a red cap, always backwards, and with a bit of his pure-black hair always coming out of it. His face is quite round, even when he isn't fat at all. His eyes are of a sea blue color. He's very thin and has a height of little more than six feet. His skin is a little tanned, due to the constant time he spends outside under the sunlight when filming something.

    His usual clothing consists of skin-tight denim jeans, a red sleeveless shirt with a Pikachu in its back, a black belt with some slots where he puts his Pokeballs and a pair of black shoes.
    Home Region: Kanto
    Bio: Even when he’s referred to as a cameraman, he doesn’t identify himself with that Trainer class, as he’s not working for any TV program, he just likes to film stuff. Four years ago, he received a Pokedex from Professor Oak in his hometown of Pallet Town. His goal is to see each and every Pokemon in the world, just like a lot of other trainers, but he’s more interested in filming that filling the Dex.
    When he was twelve, someone from Saffron offered him the chance of being a cameraman for a TV show, but, since he doesn’t sees himself as a cameraman, he declined this offer.
    Adan doesn’t have many strong Pokemon, but those who he has…, they’re quite rare. He hasn’t tried to earn any badges, as his Pokemon aren’t strong enough to face a Gym Leader.
    One year ago, Adan heard about the Spectrum Islands from Professor Oak, immediately he saw this as a chance of catching rare Pokemon. Adan saw this as a perfect chance for filming something more than Rattata.
    Professor Oak told him he could also earn badges while he’s traveling to see more Pokemon.
    That’s why he wants to go to the Islands, in part for seeing more Pokemon and earning some badges, but it’s mostly for filming stuff.
    Personality: Adan has a self-esteem as high as heaven, so it’s hard for someone to make him feel down. He cares deeply for his Pokemon, but is not as skilled in fight as he is filming. Most people will find him somewhat annoying, as he always carries his camera all around. He doesn't has many friend because of this. Still, he's not bothered, at least he's got Pokemon by his side. Adan will never give up in a Pokemon battle, even if he can't win it, he would rather preffer to lose horribly befor thinking of giving up. He has good relationships with his Pokemon..., at least, most of them.
    Key Item of Choice: Pokedex
    Aura Color: Green
    Pokemon Team: :

    Pudgey/PIDGEY X male Lv. 8 (It’s a Pidgey X according to NV)
    Holding Pink Bow

    Pudgey was born fatter than the regular Pidgey, because of his additional weight he’s unable to fly. Pudgey wants to fly more than anything else, and so, he’s desperately trying to get rid of his additional weight. Adan found it while filming Rattata and Pidgey in Route 1, and it was the first Pokemon he caught. Adan and Pudgey go out every morning and start training in order for Pudgey to be able to fly, with no results as of yet…

    Pugey is very loyal and would never stay inside his Pokeball, he’s very affective and all, but since he can’t walk very fast, Adan has to carry it from one place to another.
    - Tackle
    - Sand Attack

    Macho/BUTTERFREE X female Lv.12 (It’s also X according to NV)

    Adan received Macho as a gift from his parents the day he received his Pokedex, his father caught it a long time ago when he went to the Sevii Islands. Macho has adifferent coloration derived form the tropical weather of the Sevii Islands. It was Adan’s third Pokemon. Macho doesn’t obey most of what Adan says, mainly because he has no gym badges. Even whe Macho refuses to obey, it’s quite a strong Pokemon, but Adan rarely uses it since he needs badges for her to obey. His father named it Macho because he iroically thought Butterfree was a male...

    Macho is strong, sweet and yet very shy…, since she doesn’t know Adan at all, she won’t listen to what he says unless he proves he’s a strong Trainer.
    - Confusion
    - Poison Powder
    - Sleep Powder
    - Stun Spore

    Bob/BULBASAUR male Lv.10

    This was Adan’s second Pokemon. A gift from Professor Oak the day he received a Pokedex. Adan wanted to refuse this Bulbasaur, since he already had a Pokemon (Pudgey), but Professor Oak insisted him to take it.

    Bob is a very smiley Pokemon that loves Pokemon battles…, and food. He’s very attached to Adan and gets involved in fight with Pudgey very often because of his jealousy.
    - Tackle
    - Growl
    - Leech Seed
    - Vine Whip

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