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    Lusca followed close next to Danielle, Mark following close behind them both. He was slightly surprised by what Mark had said. They're allowed to go in other classes dorms? I should remember that ...

    Lusca couldn't quite read what Danielle was feeling right now. Hopefully she wasn't upset though, and better yet, hopefully it wasn't Lusca's fault. Mark and himself almost watched as Lucia and Issac went at it. Mark spoke up in her defense however, but all Lusca had done was try to play peacemaker ...which really didn't amount to much as it was. Regretfully, Lusca's day had slowly begun to come to a close. Issac was definitely on Lusca's list, that was for sure. He ruined what was supposed to be a proper meet between his new classmates. The thought of how angered he was at the lowly Hoenn Trainer made him want to spit, but Lusca quickly left the thought alone. He was sure everyone would ha e had enough of that for one evening.

    Danielle had led them all towards large and extravagant blue tinted buildings, making the breath in Lusca's throat nearly catch in awe. There really wasn't time to take it all in though, there really wasn't enough light for it, despite the overly florescent scenery. Hopefully Mark and Danielle wouldn't just show him to his room and leave it at that. There was still the matter of finding out where he needed to go tomorrow morning. There had to be some classes he needed to attend right? The thought of his Pokemon then stamped itself into his mind. Lleba and Slick haven't been out of their Pokeball's since the days started.

    Guess that'd have to wait until he found his room though ...

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