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I'd also like evasion based abilities banned. They do not good for the game and all they do is create hax based sets that fish for misses against counters see: subchomp and sub sv Gliscor. How is fishing for a miss remotely good for the metagame ? Its also hilarious as i witnessed battle by battle Eo Ut Mortus get to #1 with Sand Veil Cacturne and Sub SV Gliscor on the same team and getting so many misses it was redic. It would also make the game have more options i.e Rough Skin Garchomp (well when its released) would be OU and all other SV/SC mons have alternate abilities too so the pros outweigh the cons imo.

Volcarona also needs to go. Hardly has ANY checks and counters and most of the ones it does have lose to resisted hits in the sun. =\ Even when its not in the sun ive seen it crush rain teams because of Quiver Dance sp.def boost and nothing could touch it after. Even smogons analysis doesnt state any counters bar "Stealth Rock" and essentially "if it doesnt have x move x works" so its gonna cost you a mon to find out what move it has, wonderful. Sounds alot like Salamence in gen 4. Also now it gains Giga Drain to nail Keldeo and Terrakion and Roost its even more frikking annoying. Lastly, relying on Stealth Rock to stop ANY threat is frikking dumb imo if that was viable Ho-Oh would have be unbanned long ago.

Reuniclus is in the same boat. CM puts a timer on stall and Trick Room can still hurt stall badly (idek why people say TR Reuni isnt a problem for stall because it is, Psyshock anyone ? LO Shadow Ball also 2hko's Gliscor and those cute little Taunt/P-Song Psychics that most people use to stop the CMer, you also cant revenge kill with your failsafe CB/Scarftar cos it outspeeds) and absolutely dismantles offense. The only things that really stop it 100% that are remotely useful are Sp.Def Jirachi and Sp.Def Roost Scizor sort of but the latter sucks ass tbqh and loses to those HP Fire sets.

Also not really BW ou, but more of a blanket thing, critical hits need to go, its no secret that i despise them because in essence are just like moody and turn games into coin flips: <--- imo sums up why they shouldnt be part of the game pretty well, most notably this
Removing critical hits would make the game more competitive, therefore we should remove them, and that is why I voted "yes" in this poll.
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