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    Kanto/Orange Islands - Brock, I like the way he treated his Pokemon and I liked his team.

    Johto - I don't really have a favourite character for this series.

    Hoenn/Frontier - Max, it was nice to see him grow as he travelled with the group.

    Sinnoh - Zoey, she was too smart to not win. And she was cool but also a nice person.

    Unova - Trip, I just think he is the guy who I would be like the most. Trining up strong Pokemon whilst learning the basics before progressing and learning from my mistakes. I also the way he hands out respect like to Cilan he shows respect because Cilan is mature and analytical whereas Ash is just some kid who lucks out.

    The whole series - James. He is probably one of the best trainers in the series we just don't get to see it. He is smart and caring but he can also battle well when he wants to.

    If he competed in the league in the next region using all the pokemon he can retrieve from his past then I imagine he could get far. Imagine his possible team if they evolved whilst he was challenging gyms; Chimecho, Arcanine, Cacturne, Carnivine, Mr Mime, Cohagrigus. That is quite a team to go up against and with James in charge they could do well in the league conference. I would love for that to happen.
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