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    I enjoyed the posts so far, and I'll notify the other three to post.

    Also, I'll make a character for Sacred fire (One a few of you will be familiar of, I've used him once before!).

    Originally Posted by NV View Post
    [*]I couldn't find any indication of whether Tradesman or Salesmen would be the right term. You didn't seem to indicate whether currency existed yet.[*]Would a tradesman be possible then?[*]I supose I can keep it at just missing the gem[*]I wasn't really sure how to prove that I read it all. I may have missed something when I read it. I'll read it over again and edit my post.[*]I work well in RPs when I start out only working with my characters, I prefer them to be a stranger to all the other characters so I can work up with all of them.[/LIST]If you could help me work out my Characters flaws I'd really appreciate it. Just give me some time to reread the post so I can figure out what I overlooked the first time.
    • With close families, money is useless.
    • The thing is, trading wouldn't really apply either. Families in this era did things for each other, they didn't put a price on anything. Understand what I mean? Everyone helps everyone, on their side of the family at least.
    • nothing says you can't primarily have the pokemon learn dark moves, and train dark styles and not ice styles.
    • Indicate something about the writing itself, as everyone else has done.
    • I'm just saying, a backpacker doesn't really suit an RP with a set area such as this one. You want to be interacting with others, at least some (I say that because there are a few antisocial characters).
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