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    I will have to say CLOYSTER! Seriously. Access to the best boosting move in the game in Shell Smash and decent offensive stats to abuse the boosts with, 125 BP 100% accurate STAB and coverage moves that can break through Sashes and Subs in Icicle Spear and Rock Blast because of Skill Link, and mammoth Physical defense protecting it from nearly every priority move. It's pretty easy to Shell Smash with good support from teammates, and the only downsides to Cloyster are it's mediocre stats before Shell Smash (which doesn't really matter because it's not hard to get a boost) and Special Defense that equals a wet paper bag. The only Pokemon that I can think of right now that is a full stop to Cloyster is Empoleon. I used to run Empoleon on my OU team because I was so scared of Cloyster. Every time I run into a Cloyster, I lose at least three Pokes because it's a freaking monster after the boosts. It also can use many items like White Herb to stay phenomenally bulky even after Shell Smash, Focus Sash to lead with it and guarantee a boost, or just Life Orb to wreck everything. I hate it and it needs to go.