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    Julius frowned. The two of them expected him to have some sort of mental map of the academy, when in truth, he had drawn a map of another map in order to get his bearings. He had it stashed away in his bag, but it made him feel slightly akward to take it out now, what with the faith they were putting in him.

    I'll leave it unless we become really lost. Julius decided with a sigh. I should be able to find my way around. Although I've never been to the Raikou dorm...

    Julius muttered to Vibrava and the pokemon fluttered its wings as it ascended to sit atop Tropius' head. From their, it began using super sonic at a frequency so high, no one could hear it. Using this means of echolocation, Vibrava used super sonic at another frequency that whispered the directions in Julius' ear.

    "This way." Julius sighed in relief. Thetechnique he'd devised to navigate dark caverns and other unfamiliar terrains ended up coming in handy for once. He couldn't help but feel a little pride in his pokemon as he began in the direction Vibrava said the Raikou dorm was in.
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