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    George Edmunds

    George noticed the slight look of worry cross Julius' face for a split second but then the boy started to move off and George assumed it must have been to do with something else and not the pressure they had placed on him to lead them to the dorms.

    "I'm glad someone seems to know where they're going. I usually just wander in the rough direction of the building and follow signs." He smiled as he said this. Kane gave a little yawn before going back to sleep in George's arms.

    "So...youre an artist Arti? I can only just about manage anatomical diagrams. I'm more stale and science-y opposed to imaginative and arty I'm afraid. Still...I would love to have a look at your work sometime. Do you have any other hobbies?" George smiled at the boy and continued walking on. Falling in behind Julius.

    "What about you Julius? You have any hobbies besides pokemon?" It was a poor conversation starter but George reasoned it was better than the three of them walking in silence.
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