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    I get the feeling this topic is becoming... off-topic. It's not about the relative merits of different programming languages.
    It somewhat is. Seeing how high or low level a language is is important in seeing how potentially long it would take to make a project. My point was that C# is a higher level language than C++, but still flexible and gives it the benefit of speed improvements compared to GameMaker or RPG Maker.

    Don't get me wrong, I use C++ more than I use C#, it's just it'd be easier to make a Pokemon game in C# using XNA.

    We use a library called SFML for window creation and management. It works much better for games and what we're doing. Eventually we'd also be porting it over to SDL.
    I've seen both. If you're ONLY using it for window creation and input (meaning no graphics or anything of the sort), I recommend GLFW since it's lightweight and not as bloated as SDL.

    When I program using C++, I stick to GLFW and libPNG only. I get crazy in terms of optimization and speed and I want to be sure I control everything and not have anything I don't need. Heck, most game developers don't use STL. I would only like this for a commercial game though. Doing something like this for a Pokemon game is overkill. It takes a lot of time. Therefore, I'm creating my engine in GameMaker. If you're making an open source engine, you have to know your audience. I don't think anyone here making a Pokemon game is an adult and therefore most likely won't know much advanced C++. An adult game developer most likely wouldn't bother making a Pokemon game. There are some teens here who know C++, but most of them are still stuck in the basics. Expert C++ programmers who are teens are rare.

    There's my two cents. My main point. Go for abstractions.