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I decided yesterday on restarting my Soul Silver version, as there was nothing to do. I chose the fire-typed starter, Cyndaquil and to my surprise, she was a female! I named her Cindy, as it was similar to Cyndaquil and it was a reference to a playthrougher, Jimmy31428. After beating the rival and whatnot, I caught a Spearow (Pierce/M) and I traded over a Budew (Alexis/F). In addition to that, I also traded over a Bidoof HM slave and three items, being a Shiny Stone, the TM for Grass Knot and the TM for Sunny Day. I taught the former TM to Alexis and the later to Cindy. After going along, I caught a Mareep (Tiffany/F) and after some level grinding, she learned Thunder Shock! Afterwards, I beat the Violet City Gym Leader, Falkner, with ease.

After some training along the southern route, the Union Cave and the Slowpoke Well, Cindy and Tiffany both evolved into a Quilava and Flaaffy respectively. Then I beat the 3 following 'bosses': Proton, Bugzy and my rival.

Cindy - Female - Level 17 [Blaze] @
-Ember, Quick Attack, Smokescreen and Sunny Day

Pierce - Male - Level 14 [Keen Eye] @
-Peck, Fury Attack, Pursuit and Leer

Alexis - Female - Level 15 [Natural Cure] @ Miracle Seed
-Mega Drain, Grass Knot, Growth and Stun Spore

Tiffany - Female - Level 17 [Static] @ Shell Bell
-Thundershock, Tackle, Growl and Thunder Wave

Also, here's a little 'extra' team picture I drew for fun ;w;

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