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Caydee Mint
F3 - Deck; F2 - Nurse's Office

The ball didn't shake as her previous captures. The Pidgey struggled to get out, but gave up. The ball stood still on the ground, lifeless. Caydee looked at both sides of the deck and walked up to pick up the ball. She glanced at it, as the dawning sun glared. Ninetales looked up and and saw Caydee with the ball...after eating the snack piece on the floor. He walked up to her, mewed to gain her attention.

“I never meant to catch it, but I thought maybe a flying-type would be useful for the battles here.” Caydee said. “Instead of fighting for food, you two are going to share.”

Ninetales groaned, recalling the capture events earlier. “Niiiiine.”

She still held the ball in her hand, which hasn't been minimized. “We need to look for the Nurses' Floor. I heard the nurse here is great in healing Pokemon.” Bypassing the crowds around her, as well as many interactions going on right now. Caydee no longer can see the two twin sisters she saw earlier...she remembers seeing them while she was capturing Pidgey. She didn't want to think how clumsy she was in catching a puny little Pidgey. She would have gone for a Pidgeotto, or even Pidgeot if it was absolutely possible.

She walked out of the deck and walked up the stairs. The signs pointed NURSE'S OFFICE upward, indicating that the office was up on the above floor. Not many people were going up the stairs, but she managed to bump into a tall, blonde hair with a curled ponytail on the left side. She wasn't really in a rush, but Caydee didn't see her coming. “Sorry!” she apologized in a soft voice. She didn't want to make things feel awkward as it was now, she runs up to F2 finally...slowing down her speed to become wowed at the floor's structure.

It was a battling AND a trading floor.

There were people battling, people trading. Caydee's mouth watered as she saw the battlefields right in front of her. It was heaven to her. But she managed to snap out of it and thought of the fainted Pidgey. “Oh my goodness, Ninetales. This is......MY WORLD RIGHT HERE.”

“Nine!!!” Ninetales cheered and grinned. He was also excited for the floor as took a step forward.

Caydee looked to the left to find the Nurse's Cabin. There's no one in there, and she was interacting with a Pokemon, it looked like an Audino. Caydee, without interfering with the battles going on, she and Ninetales went ahead and zipped through the floor. The nurse was about to head out the door as she made would have been too late if she hadn't came earlier like now.

“Hello, may I help you?” The Nurse asked. Her name tag read Angie Silvers.

Caydee's eyes moved around, not making any eye contact whatsoever. She took out the Pidgey's Pokeball and gives it to the Nurse. “I'd like my Pidgey healed, please. I just caught it, and it's severely burned Ninetales' fire.”

“I was just about to head out to the deck, but I'd be more than happy to do a quick heal.” Angie said, retrieving the Pokeball from Caydee. “It'll just be a few minutes, so why not wait out here and I'll be right with you!”

“Thank you.” Caydee thanked, as Angie went inside her office. She turned back and sighed a bit.

In the meantime, Caydee was leaning against the wall next to the office door, while Ninetales was sitting down. She started to think of names for the little Pidgey, some of her ideas were whack. She couldn't think of good names for a tiny bird Pokemon. Names like Hydro and Thunder were alright, but what would she name a bird? Chatter? Pecker? Soaring? D. Piddy? She glanced at Ninetales, remembering how she struggled naming him back when he was just a Vulpix. A name like Flame or Fire Guardian were too common in the Pokemon World, so she never bothered.

“You know, Ninetales?” She said, “I think I know what I'll name the Pidgey.”

Ninetales looked up, listening to what his owner had to say.

“My brother Rob is a skateboarder. He makes pretty good ollies as well as other tricks. Well, the Pidgey was able to leap up in the air to miss your will-o-Wisps, right? That's an Ollie in skateboarder terms, right?”

Ninetales didn't understood, but he nodded nonetheless.

“I'm naming it Olly, whether you're liking it or not. You're still lucky I haven't named you. But you're still my Ninetales.” Caydee reached forward and hugged her Ninetales tight.

“Miss?” Angie came out of her office...instead of the Pokeball, she had the Pidgey on her shoulder! Caydee was surprised to see the Pidgey out of her Pokeball, but was also relieved to see the Pidgey back in good health. “Your Pidgey is doing very well. She can battle again as you desire.” She turned to the Pidgey on her shoulder. “Go to your trainer, Pidgey!”

The Pidgey flew off the shoulder, it managed to land on top of Ninetales' head instead of heading to Caydee. She snickered softly, as Ninetales wasn't really amused of his new “partner.” “That, would be Olly alright.” Caydee said, smiling. Then turning back to Angie. “Thank you so much Nurse...will you be available later on?”

“I'm going to be at the deck in a bit, but later-later on yes. I'm always here.”

Caydee smiled again. “Okay! I'll probably be a frequent user here...I battle a lot, heh.”

“I look forward to that. I shall see ya later!” Angie closed the office door and walked away. But Caydee immediately focused on the empty battlefield right in front of her, she started to imagine herself battling against a Gyarados with her Jolteon, Thunder. The crowd going wild for her, as in her mind...she was going through a tough battle. Caydee prefers tough battles, and she'll be looking for some immediately.