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    Wall of text incoming!

    I have no doubts Ruby/Sapphire will be getting remade, and here's the three reasons why with some explanations:

    1. It'll bring in lots of money, probably without costing them a lot.

    Although Ruby/Sapphire didn't bring in the most money out of the main-series games, they still brought in millions of dollars. There's no way Pokemon games cost as much money to make as a game like Halo or CoD, plus they already have the Black 2/White 2 engine to tweak and or build off of. If they remade Ruby/Sapphire and the games only sold 6 million worldwide Gamefreak would probably break more then even.

    2. There's a demand for them.

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Lots of people, myself included, love Hoenn and want to see it remade with b-e-a-utiful graphics and story tweaks. Yes, you can still get all your Hoenn Pokemon onto your Gen 4/Gen 5 games, but you have to have a DS Lite. If you don't you're out of luck, and even if you still do, it's a tedious process.

    3. It would follow "tradition" or the "pattern", whatever you wanna call it.

    Red, Green, and Blue are new games, the start of the series, Yellow is the third version. Gold and Silver are new, Crystal is the third version. Consider them as sequels, though. Next up are Ruby and Sapphire, new games. FireRed and LeafGreen are next, which are 1st Gen remakes, then Emerald, the third Hoenn game. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum come out, then HG/SS, the 2nd Gen remakes. Black and White make their debut, they're new AND the reboots of the series, it was confirmed that's what they were supposed to be. Their sequels are announced next. So, it goes like this:

    New games > (indirect)Sequels > New games/Remakes > New games/Remakes > New games(reboots) > Sequels

    What's left to complete the pattern? New games, and remakes! Those remakes being Ruby/Sapphire remakes. Then again, my established pattern is as easily dismissible as anyone else's, lol. They'll make them, I'm sure of it, and I can't wait for it to finally happen.

    Also, we all know there's references to past regions in newer games, as well as possible hints to remakes, here's one from Black 2/White 2:


    That's the World Tournament building. Look at the roof. It looks like a Kyogre, doesn't it? Also, the flags by the entrance. A red flag(Ruby), and blueish one(Sapphire). There's also the "Emerald" walk way between the flags, like Rayquaza coming in-between Groundon and Kyogre. That one might be a bit much, though. Lol.