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Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post
Guys, guys, I love all the discussion, but read the title, I said Pokemon game. Try not to get too off-topic.
LOL. You're dealing with programmers. This is on topic.

Game creation, Engine creation -- both allow you to create, and have fun. If you don't find writing code fun, then don't do it -- use the already existing engines! However, let's say you just HAVE to have this in, NEED it. Well, then let loose. Let your imagination go wild, and have fun.

If you're talking strictly about a Pokemon game, you need to decide of course if there's something you want implemented that isn't already available. If you just want to start making your game, go ahead! The truth is, it just depends on the specific circumstances. Which of course, is why you should always plan things out. Having a plan helps you see things you need. It won't necessarily account for every bump in the road, but can definitely give you a general idea of whether or not a custom engine is necessary, or if that's what you want.

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